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Johannesburg: QNE Invite Power of Empathy

The power of empathy and self-inclusion in the workplace

Using her personal experiences to bring this topic to life, Katie George will take you on a journey towards well-being, inclusion and increased productivity for your teams, stakeholders and yourselves!

All through the power of cultivating empathy and self-inclusion. 

About Katie George

Katie believes in cultivating empathetic and compassionate mindsets in work and personal spaces. Earlier in her career, Katie held Early Career Talent roles for notable organisations including Amazon, Barclays, Credit Suisse and AIG.Her work focused on launching, building, consolidating and leading teams spanning across multiple geographies. She has travelled the globe extensively sourcing and hiring top talent. Katie was known for her empathetic leadership style and ability to enable high performing teams.

Today Katie coaches and speaks on the topics of Empathy, Compassion, Inclusion and Self-Inclusion, in particular the power of meditation to cultivate empathetic and inclusive mindsets.

Her BSC in Psychology, MSc in Occupational Psychology, coupled with her Chopra Mediation Certifications make her the perfect person to cultivate Empathy, Compassion and Inclusion at the individual and corporate level.  She has also attended teachings with the Dalai Lama.

Being.  Human.  Well.  was born!

Join our QNE in your region to find out more about using empathy and compassion to build productive, harmonious teams that embrace inclusion.

Note: No cost to SAGEA members

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