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‘Learning Professional’ Programme 2022

Dear Colleagues

Need to learn more about graduate development, to build world class graduate learning opportunities? Look no further than our newly designed Graduate Development ‘Learning Professional’ Programme which we will be rolling out from November 2020 (for a 6 month duration).

The Graduate Development ‘Learning Professional’ Programme, is designed to support those new (and accomplished) to the Graduate Learning Professional Role or those that have HR generalist experience and plan to introduce or enhance a Graduate Programme in their organisation. The programme will be run over a 6 month period through a modular approach. The modules will have an average length of 2 to 3 hours.

To sign up for the inaugural programme, please contact: cathy.sims@sagea.org.za

The modules will be a combination of webinars, experiential action learning sets, case consultation groups and other e-learning components and will simulate the journey of a graduate on their own development journey and cover many angles of young talent development. This immersive design will delve into the key competencies and the role of a Graduate Learning Professional. The process will be supported by best-in-class global experts and you will also have the opportunity to network with fellow Learning and Development colleagues.

By the end of the 6 month process, delegates will:

  1. Understand adult learning principles and application to the graduate learning journey and their own learning journey
  2. Understand appropriate learning theories and tools
  3. Understand the key stakeholders that support the development of graduates
  4. Understand the key elements and needs of the development process and journey
  5. Be able to formulate a Graduate Development Programme in the context of the overall talent agenda (from strategy to implementation)
  6. Understand key career development tools
  7. Understand the key components of organisational culture, strategy and the link to graduate learning
  8. Become familiar with the key leadership traits of the Graduate Learning Professional
  9. Be able to understand and formulate performance management approaches for graduates
  10. Be able to design learning strategies that support rotational programmes
  11. Understand coaching and mentoring interventions for graduate development
  12. Be able to measure the impact and return on investment for learning interventions
  13. Be able to plan for your own continued professional learning journey

All sessions will be designed to be facilitated virtually, due to COVID19. Ideally Phase 1 and 4 would be face to face, and will be decided closer to the time.

Phase 1: Onboard and Emerge. Week of 19 April 2021 (3 modules)

Phase 2: Navigating the Learning Landscape. Week of 07 June 2021 (3 modules)

Phase 3: Stretching the Learning Landscape. Week of 26 July 2021 (3 modules)

Phase 4: Taking Stock and Building your Learning Organisation. Week of 30 August 2021 (3 modules)

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