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QYF Career Innovation Showcase

QuantifyYourFuture is excited to be hosting its first Virtual Career Innovation Showcase on 19 May 2021. This Showcase will focus on the range of opportunities for graduating and postgraduate students in Quantitative Sciences – with a focus on new and emerging careers. 

What is the Virtual Innovation Career Showcase?

The Showcase will bring students together for a day to experience, learn and share. They will spend time with our sponsors and the agenda will include a keynote address, new and emerging trends in the field of Quantitative Sciences, and time to connect and discuss each participating organisation’s value propositions to new graduates.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still ongoing, and learning from the enormous success of SAGEA’s first VirtualGradExpo in 2020, our Showcase will be taking place virtually. It offers the perfect opportunity to explore the world of Quants, specifically:

  • What does a typical day look like in Quants?
  • How are these skills used in Financial Services?
  • What is the range of problems Quants typically solve?
  • What could career development look like?
  • What postgraduate degrees could one consider to advance in a Quants career?
  • Who are the key employers in this domain?
  • What is their unique employer proposition for graduates?

To learn more about QuantifyYourFuture or get involved with the Virtual Career Showcase, click the button below.