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Unpacking Graduate Attributes Webinar 2: Curiosity

Graduates entering the workplace are facing a new reality – both in terms of their professional and personal lives.  They need to find ways to survive and thrive within a disruptive world.  VUCA, 4IR, innovation and disruption require graduates (and employees overall) to pivot, innovate and disrupt in their fields of expertise. 

While some companies may have structured graduate programmes to teach these skills, many don’t.  Either way, graduates need to drive their own learning and development, especially in our new COVID world.  And what can help them to do this?  Curiosity!

Curiosity, which is the springboard to finding out more about the world, is much more important than you think!  This is because it sets in action a process of thinking and learning that has value beyond the information that is learnt.  This aligns with all sorts of valued workplace competencies, like lifelong learning.  It also aligns with the World Economic Forum report highlighting curiosity as a character quality required for the 21st century skilled learner.

Join us for this session where we will explore different elements of curiosity and agree on how we might build and nurture curiosity in graduates entering the workplace. 

Speaker: Celeste Stewart of Bold Curiosity

Celeste Stewart is the owner and founder of Bold Curiosity, a leadership development consultancy.  Celeste is a learning strategist and partners with her clients to design and implement graduate development programmes.  She is passionate about designing learning solutions that add value and help young people transition to the working environment.  She also works with the various stakeholders to support young people and drive a learning culture in the organisation.  She is currently completing her MPhil and exploring curiosity and self-directed learning in graduates.

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