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SAGEA Bursary and Scholarship Benchmarking

Whether you run a small or a large bursary or scholarship programme, chances are this is a significant investment for your organization?  Your investment will be far more than rands and cents – bursary and scholarship holders often require nurturing, psycho-social support, mentoring and sometimes extended academic support to pass their university courses.

Join us as we unpack the highlights of our recent Bursary and Scholarship Benchmarking Insights.  You will learn more about:

  • The main reasons organisations are offering bursaries
  • Funding provided for tuition and accommodation – what are the numbers?
  • Other funding or support provided
  • Vacation Employment
  • Where and how bursars are sourced
  • Requirements to get and keep a bursary
  • Managing relationships and the development of bursars
  • Challenges and opportunities in the bursary and scholarship space