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SAGEA Invitation: INEUCS Webinar – Career Competencies – How Students and Candidates Demonstrate Proficiency


Recently, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) announced revisions to their career readiness competencies model. This release marked a pinnacle point in NACE’s stewardship of competency development with and on behalf of members.  Accompanying the revisions, each competency now has a set of sample behaviours. These behaviours have been validated through research NACE undertook in partnership with SkillSurvey. This is a game changer: The behaviours serve not only as guideposts in our work with students, interns, and new hires, but also can help us in discussions with colleagues and co-workers about the important role they play in developing a career-ready workforce. This significant addition can also inform the development of reliable and valid tools and assessments, critical for understanding levels of competency proficiency among students and candidates.

During this presentation, we will share the updated results and findings from over 36,000 student evaluations at more than 10,000+ organizations on the 30 behaviours linked to the NACE Career Readiness competencies. This proof-of-concept project resulted in the successful validation of behaviours, marking a significant and essential milepost in advancing evidence-based career readiness initiatives for our profession.

During the session, we will:

  • Review the importance of observable behaviours and how they were mapped to the eight NACE competencies.
  • Identify behaviours tied to competencies employers deem “most essential” and compare student proficiency levels based on evaluator ratings, along with how students rate themselves.
  • Explore how participating students compare to the project’s large national sample of other students and 87,000 job candidates rated on the same behaviours.
  • Share how The Washington Centre and other participating institutions leveraged observable behaviours to support students’ competency development and program accreditation.

Date:  Thursday 18 November

Time: 17h00 GMT (19h00 in South Africa)

The webinar will be recorded and shared with those who have registered.

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Zoom

Registration: Via –Event webpage. All attendees are required to login to the INEUCS website to be able to access the registration page.


Username: SAGEA

Password: SAGEAINEUCS2021

More information:

Website: https://gcssummit.org/ineucs/upcoming-events/

Contact: info@ineucs.org


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