SAGEA Members Onboarding

As a new SAGEA member we would like to invite you to attend an On-Boarding session with us.
The purpose of the session will be for us to share with you how to maximize your SAGEA membership – we’ll take you on a guided tour of the resources we offer, introduce you to the team and provide you with an overview of the projects we work on.  Knowing what we offer and how to access our services and resources will save you time and energy.
Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to enhance how you are performing in your role!

Please register and you will be able to access the session once your booking is complete.

Booking instructions

Once you have registered for an event, admin will receive a notification to confirm your booking. Upon confirmation of your booking by admin, you’ll receive an email including the following:

  • The link to the event on the SAGEA website. The single event will also show the ‘Join’ link (you have to be logged in, else you won’t see this link)
  • An ical and Google calendar file to add the event to your local calendar
  • A ‘join’ link to the webinar

Due to security measures in most client’s email, none of the event links will be included in the calendar file. Our suggestion would be to copy the event link and the join link and paste this in the calendar entry. This way you’ll receive a reminder before the event starts, and you’ll be able to access the webinar directly from this calendar entry.