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SAGEA Webinar 2022: Assessments – Answers to your most pressing questions!

According to our SAGEA Employer Benchmark, over two thirds of employers use aptitude and/or personality questionnaires as part of their selection process.  We know from our Development Benchmark that 66% of employers make use of psychometric and behavioural assessments as part of their development programmes for young talent.

Assessments play a critical role in aiding employer decisions when it comes to selection and development.  In our ever-evolving better normal, we must ensure that the tools we use remain valid, fair and reliable.  Common questions we’ve been overhearing are:

  • Are South African students under-performing in cognitive assessments and, if so, why?
  • When evaluating assessment results, are we applying international norms versus local norms and what impact does this have on assessment outcomes?
  • How are our universities, assessment specialists and employers connecting the dots of what is being measured, what is being developed, what is being assessed and what good looks like?
  • How, if at all, have assessment outcomes been affected by our recent move to virtual assessments?
  • What is the ideal validity period for an assessment outcome and does this differ across different assessments?
  • Are we following the correct protocols when it comes to testing and re-testing, particularly given that different employers may be using the same assessment tools as part of their selection process?

Join our panel as we unpack answers to these questions and more!  Our panel will consist of:

Joanna Preston, Head of Young Talent, FNB.  
Joanna heads up the FNB Young Talent Practice which includes the Graduate Recruitment and Development team as well as work in assessments, employment branding and graduate talent management. Passionate about young talent and its critical role in South Africa, she is also one of five directors of the South African Graduate Employer’s Association ( SAGEA)  a non-profit dedicated to connecting and advancing graduate employment. Joanna is excited about how innovation, its application and advancements impacts young talent, and how through her leadership and guidance positively influences career choices, employability and self-knowledge among them.  
Fred Guest, Managing Director, Top Talent Solutions (TTS)
  Fred has been working as an Industrial Psychologist since 1996. As a consultant, he assisted a range of national and international companies in designing competency frameworks for integrated talent management systems, developing recruitment and selection strategies, deploying internet-based occupational assessment practices, as well as performance management and succession planning systems. As an academic and scholar, he has published and presented at several conferences. Additionally, he is an honorary member and past president of SIOPSA.
Kevin Distiller, Managing Director, Odyssey Talent Management
  Kevin has worked in the assessment centre industry for over 15 years. He is a industrial psychologist, and holds an MBA. Since November 2017, he has been running Odyssey Talent Management, an assesstech company which distributes a range of high volume, gamified assessment solutions and video interviews that are often used in high volume graduate recruitment contexts. Kevin often presents at a range of conferences.

Date:        Wednesday 17 August 2022

Time:       10h00-11h30

Format:   Digital, via Zoom

No cost to SAGEA Members.