Ask Thuto

Supplier Name:Askthuto
About: We help bursary and scholarship coordinators to determine what textbooks and other educational products are required for each of their students. This assists bursary providers to determine the correct allowance allocation and it removes the wastage of money by students. Students order conveniently online and we deliver to them. This has saved our bursary clients more than 30% while still ensuring that every student gets what they need to succeed.  
Clients you recently worked with:The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust, The Jakes Gerwel Foundation and Accenture.
Category:Bursary Management
Service Offering (Employers):Sourcing and supplying textbooks and other educational products, delivery and collections, convenient payment options and accounts, detailed reporting on expenditure, monitoring student orders to remove wastage, used book buy back and pre-authorisation by bursaries.
Keyword Searches:Textbooks/Laptops/Control
Key Contact:Mpodumo Doubada
Telephone Number:0726826064
Location:Cape Town