The Vodacom Early Careers Expo 2021

Vodacom partnered with Student Village to create the second annual Early Careers Expo inviting students to apply for the Vodacom Discover Graduate Programme, Bursaries and Internships.

Students engaged with speakers virtually through an interactive specially designed virtual platform. Students could stream sessions, ask questions, participate in polls and chat directly to young change-makers, problem solvers and trailblazers.

For the first time, The Vodacom Early Careers Expo content was integrated into the Grade 12 School syllabus. Scholars got to learn careers in tech, monetizing gameplays, and more through their life orientation classes across 100 schools.

Just by staying inspired and engaging on the platform every 30mins Vodacom gave away super cool prizes. A total of 140+ instant vouchers were shared in real-time, with prizes such as Airtime & Data, Superbalist, Takealot, Yenza, Uber & UberEats vouchers.


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Be a #YoungDifferenceMaker (Nedbank)

Nedbank’s purpose is to use our financial expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses and society!

This purpose drives us to be impactful in society. We believe in being the difference that impacts
our world, and our graduates are our #YoungDifferenceMakers

With our purpose in mind, our intention is not only to attract high calibre students. No

Our intention is to attract high calibre students that want to use their financial expertise to do good
and make a difference in our world.

Our marketing position and strategy is anchored on this one intent: To seek out

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EY My Fitness Challenge

As lockdown progressed, we acknowledged that adjusting to a restricted lifestyle was challenging for everyone. Staying true to our purpose of building a better working work we used our resources to help our EY signed students take care of their mental and physical wellbeing.
We did this via our EY My Fitness Class Challenge. EY signed students were invited to attend at least one EY My Fitness online class, invites were extended via email and What’s App groups. After attending an online fitness class, students posted a comment or photo on the EY social media sites, Facebook and Twitter using the following hashtags:
• #EYAfrica
• #TogetherAtHome
• #BetterWorkingWorld
EY signed students had free access to all EY My Fitness classes. The competition ran for ten days, and at the end of the ten days, four winners were chosen randomly. Each winner received an EY branded sports watch.
The competition proved to be hugely popular with the students and we received very positive feedback.

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Huawei Beyond Boundaries 2021 Campaign

The campaign is aimed at unlocking the graduates true potential by pushing beyond the norm.
This enables our graduates to realize their true potential, which enables them to push boundaries in order to be among some of the most instrumental figures as identified in our 2021 campaign.

1. Push boundaries with curiosity – Ada Lovelace (Worlds first programmer)
2. Pushing new boundaries with Fearlessness – Nicola Tesla (The founder of modern alternating currents)
3. Pushing new boundaries with determination – Charles Kuen Kao (The father of fiber optics)

At Huawei, our graduates are groomed to inspire and be at the forefront of the latest technological innovations & developments.

The campaign includes the poster publicity as well as the video which seems to have been a hit during the 2021 recruitment drive

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