IQbusiness 2023 Graduate Programme – For a career as a dynamic as you are we’re your go-to™

Facing a youth unemployment rate of 32.6% in South Africa, we responded with our IQbusiness 12-month 2023 Graduate Programme, part of the YES4Youth Presidential Initiative, that welcomes graduates from all business-degree backgrounds. The campaign, ‘For grads going places, we’re your go-to™,’ positioned IQbusiness as the prime employer for graduates seeking growth, potential unlocking, and impactful contributions in Africa. Leveraging LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and inspired by Gen Z insights, the campaign shared past graduates’ experiences through videos, reels, and stories, sparking conversations, igniting aspirations, and driving applications. The campaign achieved a social media reach of 324,790, 104,037 video views, 14,571 website page views, over 7,500 applications, hired 66 graduates, and maintained a 95% retention rate