Human Chemistry #Werksmansitsaboutchemistry (Werksmans Attorneys)

The Human Chemistry graduate campaign uses the periodic table to communicate that there are several elements and aspects of character that are sought after at Werksmans. The award entry will focus on the roll out of the Human Chemistry campaign between 2019 and 2021, providing a perspective on pre and current COVID-19 pandemic campaign roll out.

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Your Future Starts Here (RCL Foods)

At RCL FOODS, we’re all about inspiring great people to achieve MORE and we believe we can do this by creating MORE IMPACT through what we do. That’s why our campaign this year was focused on our pin drop concept, because impact starts here, with us, right now. Supported by our statement, “Your Future Starts Here”, our campaign aimed to reaffirm that work must be more than a ‘9-5’, and can be the starting point to make a tangible difference for the greater good.

In executing this campaign message, everything from our online presence and strategy to recruit top talent to our offline presence at Career Fairs was about showing Graduates who RCL FOODS is: a group of inspired people driven to make a lasting change in the country. We also highlighted our key values of seeing & doing things differently, uncompromising integrity, acting responsibly and respect for people throughout the campaign to attract graduates who resonate with these values and inspire them to join the team in 2021.

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