Partnering with ABInBev to deliver a multi-country recruitment process (Odyssey Talent Management)

We at Odyssey Talent Management are thrilled to be nominated for this award. It is affirmation that we provide the service that we promise to our clients. One of our key values is that we uphold a partnering mindset, and work with our clients to build solutions that meet their key and unique requirements.

Whilst there are many examples of where we have done this with all our clients, our partnership with the AbInBev TAP and GMT selection processes stand out as examples where we have worked in conjunction with a client to customise our solutions so that they address their unique challenges.

Our partnership with AbInBev began in 2019. AbInBev engaged us to assist them improve their multicounty recruitment process.

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Innovative flagging solution to enable client/candidate engagement at scale (Leaply in partnership with Absa)

Leaply, the official application platform for Absa’s GenA Graduate programme, was tasked by the bank to find a quicker, more automated way to engage with candidates at scale regarding any additional actions required during the early stages of their applications.

Background: Typically, with most applications systems, once a candidate has applied and uploaded the required information it is up to the client to review the application and check whether all the necessary information has been provided. In cases where a candidate’s information is outdated or missing, the client’s only resolve is to contact the candidate directly (either via email or mobile) and request that they provide the necessary information. Often, it is up to the client to manually supplement the application with the relevant information once received. Absa estimated that, depending on what information was missing, the responsiveness of candidates and the frequency of engagement with a specific candidate, it could take up to 20mins in total to resolve one query (or 4.2 business days for every 100 queries!).

Solution: Leaply, in partnership with Absa, developed a proprietary flagging system which allowed the bank to engage at scale with candidates about additional actions required on their applications. By simply selecting the relevant flag on a candidate’s online application, the client initiates an automated process whereby a candidate is notified of the action required and prompted to resolve same.

Results: Since introducing the feature at the end of 2020, a total of 1,371 flags have been submitted with 1,220 resolved without the client needing to contact the candidate directly (89% success rate). We estimate that to date the feature has saved clients up to 407 hours (or 51 business days) in screening time.

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