Director: Careers Service

In striving to maintain its leading position in South Africa, the Careers Service (CS) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) invites applications for the permanent position of Director of Careers Service. UCT is seeking a leader to join an innovative and dynamic team to shape the direction of this multi-award-winning service as it navigates global trends and local challenges and embraces the transformation imperatives specific to the higher education context.

The Director of the Careers Service is responsible for the strategic leadership, management and development of the service and its staff. The Director will be expected to work closely with the Dean and Senior Management of CHED as well as senior management of the university to ensure that the goals and purpose of the service are aligned to and support the university’s institutional priorities. The incumbent will need to demonstrate this connection to the work of CHED in academic development and student support through practices and programmes, and ensure careers service visibility, branding, social media coverage and marketing, and have acumen for business development within the careers service industry, its stakeholder network and eco-system. The Director will champion the employment, employability, and entrepreneurship agenda to ensure that UCT students, graduates and alumni develop the graduate attributes and experiences to maximize their own potential and their contribution to the local and global community in which they will work.