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AboutHAZIE is a Talent Acquisition platform which automates and synchronizes the end-to-end hiring process, namely bursaries, internships, learnerships and graduate programs for organizations. What this means is that it enables employers to move from a manual candidate screening and sourcing process, to an HR software and intelligent business solution which is Artificial Intelligence-enabled.

HAZIE serves as a single source of truth, allowing for transparency and access to each stage of the application process. Through artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning, the solution will assist your team in complex tasks such as pre-screening, files and email management, handling central communication between candidates and your brand, interview scheduling as well as 3rd party integrations (psychometric assessments, background screening).

Another of its many benefits is that it helps employers not only fill multiple positions simultaneously, but it also reduces the overall length of the recruitment process. It does this by digitizing extensive flows to manage openings and candidates through the entire hiring process, as well by simplifying scheduling and feedback collection.
Clients you recently worked with:Nedbank, Old Mutual, Social Disrupt (UK)
Category Brand Management, Digital Strategy, Graduate Recruitment, Research, Application Systems, Response Handling, Attraction, Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition
Partnership Offering An automated talent acquisition software solution.
Key Contact:Harmony Mothibe; Nimrod Sibanda
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Email Address:harmony@hazie.co.za; nimrod@hazie.co.za
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