Huawei Beyond Boundaries 2021 Campaign

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Best Digital Campaign (recruiting 15 graduates or more

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Huawei Beyond Boundaries 2021 Campaign

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The campaign is aimed at unlocking the graduates true potential by pushing beyond the norm.
This enables our graduates to realize their true potential, which enables them to push boundaries in order to be among some of the most instrumental figures as identified in our 2021 campaign.

1. Push boundaries with curiosity – Ada Lovelace (Worlds first programmer)
2. Pushing new boundaries with Fearlessness – Nicola Tesla (The founder of modern alternating currents)
3. Pushing new boundaries with determination – Charles Kuen Kao (The father of fiber optics)

At Huawei, our graduates are groomed to inspire and be at the forefront of the latest technological innovations & developments.

The campaign includes the poster publicity as well as the video which seems to have been a hit during the 2021 recruitment drive

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