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Best Digital Campaign (recruiting 20 graduates or more)

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Best Digital Campaign (Recruiting 20 graduates or more)

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EY South Africa

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I am EY is EY Africa’s recruitment and employer brand campaign. It began as a small idea – to showcase the personal side of the young assurance trainees and managers for our campus audience. It quickly captured the imagination of our entire Africa firm and both our campus and professional candidate audience, as well as our client audience! From humble beginnings of just a few videos we shaped an integrated brand campaign that has impacted our recruitment activities, employee engagement and client engagements.
The I am EY video and photo campaign has three parts: The Better Question, the copy itself that leads to the impact statement and the bold yellow styling with personal view of the actors or performers. It’s a better question focused video campaign (the better question being our global brand identifier) designed to bust some myths about EY (that consistently come out of brand surveys), support recruitment and build internal engagement. The myths include: EY’s leadership is not visible, EY’s culture is an unknown and the path of professional and personal development is unclear.
When we started the journey, we engaged an Agency amorphous, who came up with a concept for web which was an experience to go through when visiting our website that would tell you what kind of ‘EY-yer’ you would be if you joined. This idea didn’t make it out of the gate at the time. However, the look and feel would later become what is I am EY is today: represented by the concertina of faces, the yellow backdrop, the vibrant, energetic relatability and youthful expression.
How did we bring it to life? We knew that we wanted to showcase our leaders and our people. We knew we wanted it to be leadership led – which is was. Our CEO Ajen Sita, Assurance Leader Stephen Ntsoane, Consulting Leader Hennie Human and Strategy Leader Quintin Hobbs all participated in the first series’ videos. We knew we wanted to tell the truth which is that we know working in our organisation is tough sometimes, you make sacrifices, but there is this higher calling. And talking about purpose is not the same as activating what it feels like to have it and to live it. We wanted to bring that to life. We wanted to create an anchoring concept that felt real to all of us, real voice, real stories. We wanted to be relatable. We wanted to co-create it with our people. We didn’t want to over engineer it. We didn’t want it to be EY promoted campaign. We wanted the performers themselves to lead the communications. We looked at it like a lego build. We build the foundation blocks. Then handed the set over to the performers… and said here, the momentum is … ‘yours to build’.
That’s precisely what happened. To date we’ve profiled our full executive, our market segment leaders, GCSPs, our entire recruitment team led by our Talent Leader with supporting EVP blogs. We’ve profiled our Financial Services assurance team and our Assurance Innovation and Digital team. We’ve profiled our People Advisory Services and Learning and Development Teams with supporting blog content. We’ve profiled our GCO team from across Africa. We’ve launched in Kenya and Mauritius with smaller launches in Ghana and Nigeria. We’ve plugged I am EY into holidays and special occasion days. We branded our campus fair stands and brochure and collateral giveaways. We have plugged I am EY into just about every area of our business and people-centered (talent) activations. We’ve had over 300,000 engagements on all our content over the past 15 months (be it video views, likes, shares, reposts, comments) and we are still counting. Candidates continually mention I am EY in interviews and engage with us on social media based on this campaign. We are immensely proud of the outcome of this campaign because by design, we wanted to co-create it with our people and from humble beginnings of phase 1, 10 videos we’ve gone on to do just that with I am EY capturing the imagination of our people who now lead the campaign.
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