Information Sharing Webinar (AGSA)

Category entered:
Best Innovation Award

Campaign name:
Information Sharing Webinar (AGSA)

Company name:
Auditor General South Africa (AGSA)

Short description of campaign:

With limited face to face interaction at Universities – students seemed to be more anxious about the fate of their futures. There was an increase of students signing more than one contract in an attempt to ensure that they receive employment.
The anxiety was primarily caused by the unavailability of face to face interactions with forms/ organisations and the clarity that is provided through interaction, with many students having brief online interactions at career fairs or online interviews.
The AGSA introduced ‘the webinar’ for all candidates that have applied – it compromised of an hour session that had the objective of providing detail to students; who were they applying to, the vision, mission and values of the organisation, the auditees, the programme they had applied to, an introduction of the office team members, a chance to ask any questions.
The webinar provided candidates with the opportunity to get to know the organisation without committing to anything or being a part of a formal interview. The value add has been phenomenal thus far and provided the candidates with a much required interaction.

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