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Partnering with ABInBev to deliver a multi-country recruitment process (Odyssey Talent Management)

We at Odyssey Talent Management are thrilled to be nominated for this award. It is affirmation that we provide the service that we promise to our clients. One of our key values is that we uphold a partnering mindset, and work with our clients to build solutions that meet their key and unique requirements.

Whilst there are many examples of where we have done this with all our clients, our partnership with the AbInBev TAP and GMT selection processes stand out as examples where we have worked in conjunction with a client to customise our solutions so that they address their unique challenges.

Our partnership with AbInBev began in 2019. AbInBev engaged us to assist them improve their multicounty recruitment process.

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Deloitte: Be Invincible

What worked for us in 2020 / 2021?
• Campaign that was directly targeted to our students
• Tone of voice
• Modern design and elements
• The inclusiveness of the campaign

Rationale for 2020 / 2021
We created the DYIS platform where not only did our graduates belong but they were the founders, which meant they left their legacy. This is a great role that the graduate recruitment campaign was recognised for, because we aspire to be leaders in our industry.

We need to leverage off the previous campaign and what has worked for us without completely discarding it and creating confusion. Tag line: Be Invincible!

Our vision was to look for Young Invincible, that has not changed. We are looking for the best of the best, the bold thinkers, the ones who are aware of what it takes and are going for it.

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Building a Better You (EY)

At EY we have a stated purpose to build a better working world, and we demonstrate our purpose in everything we do.

We recognised that lockdown is a challenging time, and to help students across South Africa with their wellbeing, we launched a series of live
events, called Building a Better You.

Building a Better You liveevents provided students with resources and tools to take care of their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Covering topics such as:
• Coping with Cabin Fever
•Emotional Intelligence
•Leveraging Personal Energy
•Optimizing your Potential Through Technology
•Dealing with Adversities
•Virtual Interviews

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Bowmans Break: Virtual Vacation Programme (Winter 2021)

At Bowmans, the Vacation Work Programes grants an opportunity to participants to meet some of the firms’ top lawyers, and gain insights on some of the top legal work while enjoying the collegial culture. These are not only important to us but are equally important to an aspiring attorney who aspire to join Bowmans and experience the firms’ values, culture, and the type of work practice on a day-to-day basis.

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Information Sharing Webinar (AGSA)

With limited face to face interaction at Universities – students seemed to be more anxious about the fate of their futures. There was an increase of students signing more than one contract in an attempt to ensure that they receive employment.
The anxiety was primarily caused by the unavailability of face to face interactions with forms/ organisations and the clarity that is provided through interaction, with many students having brief online interactions at career fairs or online interviews.
The AGSA introduced ‘the webinar’ for all candidates that have applied – it compromised of an hour session that had the objective of providing detail to students; who were they applying to, the vision, mission and values of the organisation, the auditees, the programme they had applied to, an introduction of the office team members, a chance to ask any questions.
The webinar provided candidates with the opportunity to get to know the organisation without committing to anything or being a part of a formal interview. The value add has been phenomenal thus far and provided the candidates with a much required interaction.

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The #ChooseAGSA campaign has the objective of reaching as many students with a message that compromises of 4 integral components that would make the AGSA an employer of choice:
Meaningful Work Opportunities
Competitive rewards
Nurture Homegrown Talent
Compelling Reputation promise

These components are further broken down by providing the purpose of the organization, its Auditees, Exposure, Involvement, Salary and Rewards, opportunities etc.

The #ChooseAGSA campaign has been flighted across various platforms and mediums to ensure a maximum reach.

The attached presentation provides more depth and detail of the #ChooseAGSA

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Human Chemistry #Werksmansitsaboutchemistry (Werksmans Attorneys)

The Human Chemistry graduate campaign uses the periodic table to communicate that there are several elements and aspects of character that are sought after at Werksmans. The award entry will focus on the roll out of the Human Chemistry campaign between 2019 and 2021, providing a perspective on pre and current COVID-19 pandemic campaign roll out.

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Creating Together: Virtual Recruitment Campaign (PwC)

Graduate Recruitment in South Africa has always been competitive and with the global pandemic, this added to the already challenging landscape.

The pandemic forced us to look beyond the traditional approach, to make an impact on students across the country and spark an entirely reimagined way of communicating. Alongside the PwC values and our mission statement to build trust in society, we embarked on a virtual journey, eager to challenge the norms.

Under the banner of creating together- Our new recruitment campaign was anchored on various webinars, direct mails as well as social media. Our agility, flexibility and creativity was tested and from that stemmed an innovative, engaging and interactive national campaign. By leveraging technology we were able to create the same impact with students that we would’ve had prior to Covid-19.

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Dream. Do (Standard Bank)

Africa is our home; we drive her growth.

This is what Standard Bank represents; this is the cornerstone of their business ethos and the root of their purpose.

2021 saw the bank working to continue to land their Dream.Do. proposition where a robust always-on strategy was created to engage with Africa’s young talent and demonstrate their brand promise of finding new ways to make dreams possible.

We ran a focused campaign targeting ambitious, talented youth who were looking for access to quality education, career growth and advancement opportunities at the bank. Our aim was to inspire, connect and build relationships with Africa’s young talent.

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Ready to go where no Bank has gone before? (FNB)

Wanted: Curious and Courageous Minds that Challenge Convention
At FNB, we’re always looking for graduates who are ready for the big world. Ready to make a difference. And ready to shape the organisation, the industry and the world. Because we’re driven to not only help customers, but also determined to create a better world.

We’re looking for the curious and the courageous, team players who are with mastery. Fresh minds that aren’t confined by convention, but ready to lead the pack, change the game, put Africa on the map, and create the future – for us, for banking, for the country, and for themselves.

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