Published: 2005-02-27

Student Village, leaders in youth marketing, launched GradX - The Ultimate Graduate Guide - in August 2004. The magazine had a fantastic first year, enjoying enormous popularity among students and high acclaim among sponsors. GradX is back in 2005, bigger and better.

For companies, GradX is an important tool for attracting top talent. Graduate Development is a rapidly growing field in South Africa. More and more companies are realizing the value of recruiting and growing top graduates within their ranks, grooming these young people to fill management positions later. With so many companies getting involved in the graduate development market, the competition for top graduates is becoming more and more intense.

The highly targeted distribution of GradX is what makes the magazine so unique. For companies seeking to recruit new graduates, GradX is the ideal communication platform through which to build employment brand awareness and encourage applications for Graduate Recruitment Programmes.

30 000 Copies of GradX will be distributed across South Africa to university careers and counseling centres, and then to final year and honours students. The magazine fills an important niche within the student market. It makes available all the career planning information a final year student needs in one high end, free publication.

New in 2005

In 2005, GradX is being expanded to include GradX - Professional. The supplement will provide information on financial intelligence and lifestyle choices to a market that will soon be earning its own living. GradX - Professional will help young people make well-informed decisions about their money and their lives, helping to set them on the path to financial freedom and professional success.

Comments from readers

"As a final year student who is presently hunting for a job, having all the tips from this magazine I'm confident that I'll get one." - Mathweus, University of the North

"Interesting, insightful and very relevant and well-integrated. As a student myself I found useful information in the mag and it made me aware of certain aspects of the workplace." - Livinia, Rand Afrikaans University

"The magazine is excellent! I could not stop reading it. It is informative and has painted a clear picture of the career world for me." - Rhulani, University of Pretoria

Comments from companies

Unilever South Africa: 'Well done for the Grad X magazine - it looks fantastic. I had high expectations and was not disappointed. Congratulations on the professionalism and the relevance of the content. I think any graduate reading it will be exceptionally well informed! We look forward to seeing next year's edition.'

National Brands Limited: 'Just want to congratulate you on a brilliant magazine. I got very exited and I'm not a student...'

For more information on GradX, or to find out how you can take advantage of the magazine, please feel free to contact Student Village on 011 264 0164.

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