Published: 2008-12-05

Standard Bank CIB was the biggest winner at the 2nd annual South African Graduate Recruiters Awards ceremony, held at Kievits Kroon, Pretoria, on 27 November 2008. The company took Gold in the Best Graduate Recruitment Website category, another Gold in the Best Integrated Campaign category, and Silver in the Best Printed Material category. The Integrated Campaign category was introduced for the first time this year.

Giles Shepherd, Managing Director of brandaliveŽ, who chaired the judging panel, said that Standard CIB's entry was of an extremely high international standard. "An excellent, single-minded idea, that speaks intelligently and relevantly to their desired target market has been outstandingly translated into the various media," he said. "Each application has been carefully thought through, taking into careful consideration the way in which it is used. Their web environment is simple, yet exciting and rewarding to engage with. The printed material is visually striking and unique, and all materials integrate consistently with one another."

The judges felt that the written motivation for the campaign was in itself worthy of an award, and the results spoke for themselves. The company had a target to recruit 30 graduates for 2009, received almost 2000 applications, and as a consequence of the high calibre of applicants, they ended up recruiting 44 graduates from the campaign.

Whereas in 2007 several awards were not given, this year every award was made, demonstrating that the standard of work is improving. Says Cathy Sims, SAGEA's National Co-ordinator; "One of the primary goals of SAGEA is to elevate the standard of graduate recruitment - as a professional discipline, creatively and in terms of being at the forefront of global best practice. In the pursuit of that it is vital that the awards set the highest international standards and set the benchmarks for organisations to drive at."

Sims says that South Africa is in the early stages of professionalising the discipline of graduate recruitment by comparison to countries such as the UK, where the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has been in existence since the 1960's. "This means that the media channels used to attract and retain talent, as well as the investment made by companies into these efforts, is still growing. However, the awards have proven to be a significant assistance to this, demonstrating where needs exist."

The other awards given on the night were as follows;

Web Category 
Bronze Award - First National Bank
Silver Award - KPMG

Print Category 
Bronze Award - Standard Bank Personal and Business Banking
Gold Award - First National Bank

Integrated Category 
Bronze Award - Standard Bank Personal and Business Banking
Silver Award - First National Bank

Giles Shepherd said that this year there were an overwhelming number of entries from financial services brands, whereas in 2007 the spread of industry sectors was a great deal more. "In 2009 we will be altering the entry system to ease the burden on companies having to compile the initial entries, and to ensure a greater spread and number of entries.

The Graduate Recruitment Awards recognise company's efforts in projecting their employment brands to prospective talent via a number of means and media. The brandaliveŽ specialisation in brand development through people, with a strong focus on the development and projection of employment brands, led to it being appointed as the architect of the awards programme in South Africa. The judges of this year's awards were Giles Shepherd of brandaliveŽ, Darryl Cowling of top creative agency Stick, Peter Muller of brand expression consultancy IO media, Charlene Gunter from Golden Key, Charisse Drobis of Wits Business School and Craig Rode, a 2007 graduate of the University of Pretoria, and account manager at brandaliveŽ

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