Published: 2005-08-15

Hot on the heels of the hippest TV show on the airwaves, HIP2B2 has announced that they will be launching a new magazine for teens in August this year.

The magazine will be published by Atoll Media, who are known for their other successful youth titles such as blunt, Saltwater Girl and Zigzag, and is aimed at learners between the ages of 14 and 18. The HIP2B2 magazine will keep teens absorbed with its funky layout, bright visuals and refreshing content.

Although HIP2B2 can't help focussing on all the fun and interesting elements of maths, science, technology and entrepreneurship, the magazine will also include content focussed on entertainment, gossip, horoscopes, music and book reviews, fashion, sport and competition, which means that there will be something for everyone at school, from hipsters through to self-confessed squares. Break times will never be the same again!

Like all HIP2B2 projects, the magazine has a clever twist. It plans to be more than just the coolest magazine on the market; it also plans to be the smartest. By prioritising content specifically related to Mark Shuttleworth's favourite subjects (maths, science and technology), HIP2B2 magazine will tell teens everything they need to know to find a career they love and be super successful after school (just like Mark).

The best thing about the magazine, though, is that it's free! This means that teens can get all the info they need to look sharp and stay in touch with the hottest fashion, sport and lifestyle trends without spending a cent! Yippee! One hundred thousand copies of the monthly magazine will be distributed free to 400 schools in the major economic centres of Gauteng, the Western Cape and Kwazulu-Natal. HIP2B2 is going out of its way to ensure that a cross section of schools are reached in their first run in order to ensure a broad market that includes different social and economic backgrounds is reached. Publishers aim to increase the circulation to 500 000 within four years. Youth media doesn't get more democratic (or fun) than that!

HIP2B2 is the Shuttleworth Foundation's youth brand, which aims to generate revenue for educational development by pioneering a range of media, technology and fashion products. HIP2B2 launched a TV show of the same name on SABC2 in 2004. All proceeds from HIP2B2 activities are ploughed back into the non-profit work of the Shuttleworth Foundation.

HIP2B2 Magazine will launch on 15 August this year. To find out more call 031 263 1603.

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