Published: 2017-12-06

Results from an independent survey of leading organisations in South Africa shows that these organisations are set to sponsor a record number of bursars in 2017. The SAGEA Bursary & Scholarships Insights 2017 report is based on responses from 68 organisations from a range of industries. It provides encouraging news for students interested in bursary positions, which are often focussed on key scarce skills in areas such as commerce, engineering and IT.
Attracting and retaining high-calibre individuals remains a key focus for most organisations. The SAGEA Bursary & Scholarships Insights 2017 – an online questionnaire with 68 of the largest organisations in the country – confirmed that most were committed to bursary sponsorship to help build future talent pipeline, while a smaller number offered bursaries for purely philanthropic reasons.
Three-quarters of organisations who participated in the research confirmed that in order to apply for the programme, candidates needed to have an academic average of 65 per cent or above. While academics remain important, it is encouraging to note that more companies are also focusing on candidates’ learning and leadership potential. They offered successful applicants a range of opportunities from funding of tuition fees and accommodation through to work experience within the organisation.
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