RCL FOODS Hungry for Success

Parent categoryAwards
Select the SAGEA Awards Category you’re enteringBest Integrated Campaign (recruiting up to 20 graduates)
Company nameRCL FOODS
Award Entry NameBest Integrated Campaign (recruiting up to 20 graduates)
Brief Description of Award Entry“Hungry for Success” – The graduate journey! This campaign was particularly special for us as we celebrated the 10th year of our Management Trainee Programme. Hungry for Success was a dynamic and empowering initiative, run over 2 years and, designed to not only attract young talented graduates but also celebrate the many graduates who joined us over the last 10 years. It showcased the success stories of those who transitioned from the academic to professional world and acknowledged the value they added during their tenure at RCL FOODS. This campaign recognizes that today’s graduates are not just hungry for knowledge but also hungry for success.

Submitter NameJustine Chetty
Submitter Emailjustine.chetty@rclfoods.com