Recording: INEUCS Webinar – Black in the Boardroom: The (real) experiences of Black Talent in the new South Africa

What it is:  Black in the Boardroom is a research endeavour that aims to share the real experiences of black professionals in all kinds of workplaces in South Africa. This is where we share the answers we were afraid to put in the Annual Company Survey. These are the experiences we weren’t sure we could report to HR. This is what’s truly standing in the way of the advancement of black talent. Paying attention to these experiences is how employers across the world can start to imagine and create a truly free and transformed workplace!

Why race (still) matters: South Africa became a democratic country 27 years ago – it turned its back on its racist past and was celebrated across the world as the Rainbow Nation. And yet, 27 years later, workplaces haven’t transformed to reflect the demographics of the nation, despite well-meaning efforts and substantial investments. Black in the Boardroom explores some reasons for this lack of transformation, and provides a new point of departure for understanding how racism operates in the workplace. While rooted in South African experience, this presentation will speak on global Diversity & Inclusion efforts, as well as the growth of anti-racism discourse.

What next: Black in the Boardroom reflects conversations with hundreds of black professionals to present a new way to eradicate racism at work and thus get the most out of talented individuals. The presentation will move beyond what it looks like to do the work – focussing on diversity targets etc. – to what it feels like for everyone to show up as their true selves and be celebrated for it, and how to get there!

Lerato Pakade is a talent strategist and activist-entrepreneur. Her company helps organisations understand the experiences and needs of young and black professionals, in order to better attract, retain, develop and advance diverse talent in meaningful ways. Regent also designs and delivers training solutions in leadership and talent development.

She got her start at a global management consulting firm, working with senior management in multiple industries. She is also a Mandela Rhodes Scholar & Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellow.

Webinar video
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