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A graduate's perspective of online recruitment - Ronen Aires: CEO, Student Village -
Being clever about graduate recruitment - How Nestl eliminated unsuitable applications in 2015 and could spend 60% less on graduate recruitment in 2016. - Tiaan van der Spuy - Leaply / Fikile Tshabalala - Nestl South Africa
Chinese Lessons - changing our culture, changing our practices and changing our business - Graham Thompsett: Head of Talent Acquisition - Jaguar Land Rover
Connecting rural graduates to the workplace - Russell Davies - Director - Rural Education Access Programme
Coping with complexity - managing high volume, competency-based recruitment processes in an international context - David Bearfield - Director: European Personnel Selection Office, European Union
First impressions count, but are organisations able to deliver on their promises? - Amena Hayat & James Hu - Unilever South Africa / Lindsay Gibson - Top Employers Institute South Africa
Make the Most of You! Surviving and thriving through change: The journey from award winning employer to award winning careers service. - Bob Athwal: Director of Student Experience, University of Leicester
Managing your organization's digital footprint - Dave Jenkins: Director - GradConnection
My beloved South Africa - Abdullah Verachia
Problems in a growing market - Stephen Isherwood: CEO - Association of Graduate Recruiters
Transforming Culture Through Career and Personal Empowerment - Debbie Craig: Managing Director - Catalyst Consulting
“Do you speak Millenial”? - Jane Frankel - Learning & Development Manager: Dimension Data
Designing learning experiences for engaged learners - Celeste Stewart Director: Bold Curiosity
Grads up for grabs: Embedding a graduate programme in an entrepreneurial culture - Joanna Preston Head - Niche Talent Programmes: First National Bank
Leaders build Leaders - Rachelle Harmsey - Leadership Development Director Africa: Unilever & James Hu - Talent Manager Southern Africa: Unilever
Revolutions start with Science - Keynote: Saj Jetha - The Smarty Train
Seven Signposts Whitepaper - Korn Ferry Hay Group
Succession Matters - Agustina Mendez: Head of Expertise: Korn Ferry Hay Group South Africa
Succession Matters Whitepaper - Korn Ferry Hay Group
Targeted retention strategies for young talent – retain, rotate, replace - Debbie Craig - Managing Director: Catalyst Consulting
10 in 10: 10 Touch Points in 10 Days - A typical person sees hundreds of ads each day. Show your ad only once, and they may not remember it. Show your ad in the wrong place, and they may not see it at all. 10 Touch Points in 10 Days examines what we have learnt from sites focused on online sho
Artificial Intelligence – the Future of (Graduate) Recruitment? - Are the robots going to take over? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest trends in tech at the moment. But what is AI actually, how does it work and what does it mean for recruitment? We will have a look at the technology (no worries, it won
Digital Selection: A simpler, more human-centric approach to talent selection and recruitment - The launch of Unilever’s new digital recruitment process provides an excellent showcase of how digital technology can not only bring a business benefit through time and cost savings, but also drive a more human and candidate-centric experience. By using
Digital Selection: A simpler, more human-centric approach to talent selection and recruitment - Video1 - The launch of Unilever’s new digital recruitment process provides an excellent showcase of how digital technology can not only bring a business benefit through time and cost savings, but also drive a more human and candidate-centric experience. By using
Digital Selection: A simpler, more human-centric approach to talent selection and recruitment - Video2 - The launch of Unilever’s new digital recruitment process provides an excellent showcase of how digital technology can not only bring a business benefit through time and cost savings, but also drive a more human and candidate-centric experience. By using
Employer Branding - Standing Out from the Crowd - Most leading companies have adopted some form of employer branding. This has been a positive development in terms of introducing greater clarity and consistency to companies\' recruitment marketing efforts. But, too many employer brands end up looking and
Grads don’t care about you … unless you can make them a ‘Somebody’! - Great grad campaigns need a narrative that connects deeply with students – the secret recipe is about to be revealed!
Helping graduates transition through honest, meaningful performance conversations - There are often expectation gaps between employers and graduates who are fresh from University. The world of work places new demands on graduates - adjusting to working hours, more routine, being answerable to authority and having performance monitored an
LinkedIn as an Integral Sourcing and Attraction Tool - Tasmin will present a practical case study demonstrating how RCL FOODS utilizes LinkedIn as a key component of their overall Talent Acquisition Strategy. She will unpack the various sourcing Tools and how her team have maximized LinkedIn as a platform for
The Bespoke Development Journey - Often companies recruit and develop graduates with uniformity, within the construct of the companies’ desired “graduate output” end goals. Whilst such approaches have worked well in the past and continue to do so, adding a layer of “millennial”
The Transition Bridge and the World of Graduates - Integration into the workplace is one of the most difficult things to do from both a graduate and business perspective. Often things go wrong in this ‘transition into work period’ due to a lack of context understanding from both the student\'s and emp
A journey with a spectacular 360 view - Mariette du Toit
Agenda - SAGEA Development Conference 2018
Back to The Future – Where Creativity Thrives - Bob Athwal
Cultural Agility as a critical future-fit competency - Carol Hondonga
Get your innovation on: Crafting a graduate innovation challenge - Jen van Heerden
Measuring ROI on graduate programmes: more than just retention - Rebecca Fielding
Rotations – a golden opportunity for personal growth - Paolo Giuricich
Side-Hustles and the new employee economy: how will employers adapt? - Lerato Nxomani-Pakade
Technology-enabled micro-learning - Cindy Cairncross and James Hu
A panel discussion of recent alumni who have joined grad programs and their transition from University to the world of work. - Nicole Petersen, Moshal Scholarship Programme
AI and machine learning for dummies: An introduction to AI and ML and the challenge of using them for recruiting. - Dr Neil Rankin,
Black in the Boardroom – the experiences of young black professionals in corporate SA - Lerato Nxomani-Pakade, Regent Career Architects
How to maximise Linkedin to win with building your employer brand and drive your graduate recruitment - Tasmin Coleman, RCL Foods and Tshidi Khunou, FNB
SAGEA Development Insights 2019 - Cathy Sims, SAGEA
Say farewell to all we know: global trends in talent - Manny Contomanolis, Northeastern University
Standard Bank - I want In - Winning submission - SAGEA Awards 2019
Superhuman Grads. - Ronen Aires, Student Village
Talking about their generation - why employers need to think and act differently when it comes to grad recruitment. - Thandolwethu Mncube, Korn Ferry
Talking about their generations - white paper - Korn Ferry
Ten years of coaching young talent: lessons learnt and potential opportunities for employers to increase engagement and develop much needed future skills - Nicole Ciolli, 20Something Consulting
The GIG Economy – Exploration for us and them. - Paolo Guiricich, Smarter EQ
The promise of mobile mentoring for aiding - Muimeleli Mutangwa, Centre for Emerging Researchers with Murray Hofmeyr and Mokgabisi Phajane, StudyTrust
The role of the graduate manager as a thinking partner, pre and post programme – unblocking perceptions of limitations in - Greg Newnham, Standard Bank
Using gamification, automation, AI and science - Kevin Distiller, Odyssey Talent Management with Rene Kohler-Thomas and Ezaan De Lange, SAB part of AB InBev
Work readiness and wellness programme - Boipelo Mathodlana, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr and Stacey Rontiris, Tomorrow Trust
#QuantifyYourFuture - February 2020 -
Student Success and Graduate Employability - February 2020 -
2016 QS Employer Guide - Employer Guide 2016 - QS
Benchmarking your Programme - 2008 SAGEA Press Release
Building Strategic Graduate Programmes - Core to your Talent Pipeline - Jen Morris
Global Benchmarks 2013 - INGRADA and Ben Reeves: Conference
Graduate Salary Benchmarks - Graduate Salaries 2004
International trends in Graduate Recruitment - Carl Gilleard: Conference
NACE conference - Taryn Sessel - QNE
SAGEA Awards - Awards Presentation 2013
SAGEA Conference_High Fliers.pdf - High Fliers Industry Benchmarks 2009
SAGEA CS Press Release - July 09.pdf - Candidate Survey Press Release 2009
SAGEA CS Survey Press Release 2010.pdf - Candidate Survey Press Release 2010
SAGEA CS Survey Press Release 2011.pdf - Candidate Survey Press Release 2011
SAGEA GR Press Release - July 09.pdf - Employer Survey Press Release 2009
SAGEA GR Survey Press Release 2010.pdf - Employer Survey Press Release 2010
SAGEA GR Survey Press Release 2011.pdf - Employer Survey Press Release 2011
SAGEA graduate compensation survey 2005v7.ppt - Graduate Salaries 2005
SAGEA graduate compensation survey 2006v4.ppt - Graduate Salaries 2006
SAGEA Metrics Presentation -For Delegates.ppt - Ben Reeves - Metrics - Conference
SAGEA Rags to Riches Jan10.pdf - Teach First - Conference
SAGEA Student Survey_2008 Results.pdf - SAGEA Candidate Survey 2008
SAGEA Survey Awards Press Release 2013.pdf - SAGEA Awards Press Release 2013
SAGEA Survey Awards Press Release 2014.pdf - SAGEA Awards Press Release 2014
SAGEA Surveys Press Release 2012.pdf - SAGEA Benchmarks Press Release 2012
SAGEA Surveys Press Release 2013.pdf - SAGEA Benchmarks Press Release 2013
SAGEA Surveys Press Release 2014.pdf - SAGEA Benchmarks Press Release 2014
The Perils of Prognostication: U.S. Employment and Hiring Trends - Manny Contomanolis - Conference
The SAGRA Awards 2013 Press Release.pdf - SAGEA Press Release 2013
Benchmark your Bursary or Scholarship Programme - 2014 SAGEA Bursary and Scholarship Review
Increasing Access and Support to Tertiary Education - First Rand Foundation and Silvester Hwenha: QNE
Moving from Access to Success, a review of the Moshal Scholarship Program and the impact of fee-free education - Moving from Access to Success, a review of the Moshal Scholarship Program: Jodie Bailey
SAGEA Bursary Survey 2014 - SAGEA
Student Retention and Success: An Analysis of the National Benchmark Test (NBT) - Naziema Jappie - University of Cape Town
Thuthuka - SAICA - Natalie Zimmelman - QNE
Unlocking Potential - how stories are at the heart of South Africa\'s Talent challenges - Potential at Work: Conference
2020 Academic and Career Fair Calendar: June update - 2020 Academic and Career Fair Calendar: June update
Careers Service Portals - Careers Service Portals
Future of Jobs - World Economic Forum - Additional reading 2016
Future of Work - Ideation feedback - March 2016
Future of Work - Abdullah Verachia - Future of Work presentation March 2016
5 Things You Have To Know About Attracting Grads in 2019 - Ronen Aires - Student Village: QNE February 2019
Building a Captivating Career Brand - Helen Bostock: Conference
Building Talent Networks - Kevin Wheeler: Conference
Collaborative Relationship Management - Keith Dugdale: Conference
Consumer 2 0 - Social Media for real results - Mike Saunders: QNE
Employer Branding - Michal Kalinowski: Conference
Hundreds and Thousands of Graduates - Mobile Technology - GradConnection: Conference
Internet Based Recruiting - Keith Dugdale: Conference
Internships - Challenges and Opportunities - Standard Bank - Zee-Caroline Walters: Conference
mrpcareers - then and now.pdf - Kyle Black - QNE
Only a click away - Grant Krog - Deloitte: Conference
Preparing future Leadeers - LEAD - QNE
SAGEA QNEPresentationJHB4Oct2007.pdf - Employer Branding - QNE
SAGEA Seminar CT July04.ppt - CareerJunction: E-Recruitment - QNE
Swimming upstream_An EVP journey - Meryl Folb - Conference
Try before you buy - Mike Hill - Conference
Werksmans - #KEEPIT100: QNE February 2019 - QNE February 2019
World Class Talent Aquisition - Kevin Wheeler: Conference
Developing business ready graduates, fast - The Graduate Edge - Development Beyond Learning: Conference
Polishing the Diamonds - Graduate Development and Employability - PWC - Sonia Stockton: Conference
Love them or loose them - Carl Gilleard: Conference
Organisations Beyond Zero - Comfort and Access as the new language of Talent - SAGEA QNE September 2018 - Roy Gluckman
Quarter Life Crisis – supporting young talent in finding meaning and purpose in their roles - SAGEA QNE February 2018 - Ray de Villers - TomorrowToday
Talent Redefined e-Book - SAGEA QNE February 2018 - TomorrowToday
Talent Retention Study - SAGE Research 2015
Using energy manaqement as a tool to engage and retain your graduate talent - Kaya Consulting: Conference
Assessment in Virtual Reality - CAPP - Imagine a virtual world so convincing, that your subconscious truly believes it is there.
Future of Assessment Technology - Fred Guest: Conference
How Video Selection is changing the face of Graduate Recruitment - Jo Watt - Sonru: Conference
Practical Implications of Engagement Drivers - CEB - Ceri Nielsen: Conference
SAGEA Webinar: Considering an Alternative form of Assessment: Strengths-based Assessment - Recorded Webinar
Strength-based Assessments - Recruiting following strengths aligned methodologies provides organisations with leading edge talent acquisition solutions, which enable them to attract and select candidates that not only perform exceptionally well in role - but also display genuine moti
The New Buzz Word in Graduate Recruitment: Big Data - CEB: Conference
Use of Assessments in Graduate Programmes - Guidelines for Assessments in selecting and developing graduates
Access and Selection - Professor Ian Scott: QNE
Crafting strategic interventions for student career preparedness - A Case-study of Careers Service at the University of the Western Cape: Conference
Directions and key choices in South African higher education - Prof Ian Scott: QNE
Enhancing Employability - the UCT Challenge - Anne Short: QNE
HESA Employer Satisfaction Survey - HESA - Patrick Fish: Conference
Higher education and national development: A view of current output and educational challenges - Prof Ian Scott: QNE
Higher Education student headcount by Nationality 2013 - HEMIS
Old patterns and new developments: What should be the focus of higher education development over the next five years? - Ian Scott: QNE
Redefining the Value of University Education and Workforce Preparation - Andrew Ceperley: Conference
Relationship Management - AM Martin - Conference
SAGEA pres sept 2004 TUKS CPC - final.ppt - University of Pretoria - Conference 2007
Supporting Employers & HE Careers: Services through collaboration - AGCAS Margaret Dane: Conference
Hemis data analysis - 2018 South African Student Data - Hemis data analysis
SABPP-HR-Standards - SABPP - Marius Meyer: QNE
Template - Planning your selection process - Ben Reeves: Conference
SAGEA-conference-agenda-2013-web.pdf - SAGEA Conference Agenda 2013
SAGEA-Leadership Dilemmas.pdf - Rasoava Rijamampianina - Conference
The Art of Networking - Helen Nicholson: QNE
History of SAGEA - where we started - Cathy Sims: QNE
PAIA manual -
Virtual Internship Readiness Checklist - Virtual Internship Readiness Checklist

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