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About: The Space Between Us is a psychologist-led company that approaches mental health pre-emptively and from an African perspective. We provide innovative tools, using technology, to support young professionals in the workplace to connect, relate and engage meaningfully and proactively with their mental health; ultimately building their mental resilience.
Clients you recently worked with:JSE, Old Mutual, News24, Actuarial Society of SA, AIFMRM, Transaction Capital
Grad or Young Talent Development
Leadership Development
Work Readiness
Career Management
Strategy Development
Solution Offering (Employers):Our Young Professionals Programme empowers young professionals with practical and interactive engagement and tools on topics such as self-esteem, relationships, racial identity, resilience and preventing burnout. Our five-part modular programme builds the mental strength skill set that will enable our future leaders to thrive in their careers.

We empower HR teams with the insights and skills to be effective as the front line to a company’s mental health and equip HR business partners with improved awareness and understanding as well as the skills to support young professionals and other employees.

We provide line managers with easy-to-use management toolkits and insights that help them fully support their teams to ensure sustainable business results. These solutions are offered in partnership with the human resources team.
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Key Contact:Linda Mthenjane
Telephone Number:+27 (72) 0942179