SAGEA Awards 2021

Every two years, the South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA) rewards outstanding examples of excellence in the graduate recruitment and development arenas through the biennial SAGEA Awards.

The objectives of the biennial SAGEA Awards are as follows:

  • To provide SAGEA members with a platform to showcase the various media and campaigns being used to successfully attract graduates.
  • To recognise and reward excellence and innovation in the graduate employment field.
  • To provide recognition to institutions of higher learning who provide an excellent careers service and are committed to preparing graduates for the world of work.
  • To highlight excellence in the provision of services to support the attraction and development of graduates.
  • To provide SAGEA members with insight into award-winning campaigns, thereby promoting best practice in our field.

Awards are acknowledged in the following categories:

  • Recruiter of the Year
  • Most Aspirational Employer of Choice
  • Best Recruitment Process
  • Best Careers Service
  • Best Career Fair
  • Best Digital Campaign*
  • Best Integrated Campaign*
  • Best Supplier Partnership Award*
  • Best Innovation Award*
  • Best Employability / Work Readiness Initiative*
  • Best Work Experience Award*
  • Best Employer Relations Award
Note * denotes Awards requiring a formal entry.

How to enter

Here is some information on the entry process for the 2021 SAGEA awards:

Award categories requiring
a formal entry

  • Best Digital Campaign (organisations recruiting up to 15 graduates)
  • Best Digital Campaign (organisations recruiting 15+ graduates)
  • Best Integrated Campaign (organisations recruiting up to 15 graduates)
  • Best Integrated Campaign (organisations recruiting 15+ graduates)
  • Best Supplier Partnership Award
  • Best Innovation Award
  • Best Employability / Work Readiness Initiative
  • Best Internship / Best Work Experience Award
  • Best Employer Relations Award
    (employers to nominate for this award)

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Award categories that don't require a formal entry

The remaining five awards are determined via the most recent Employer Benchmarking and Candidate Insights Surveys, conducted by High Fliers Research Ltd. on behalf of SAGEA.

These awards are:

  • Graduate Recruiter of the Year
  • Most Aspirational Employer of Choice
  • Best Recruitment Process
  • Best Careers Service
  • Best Career Fair

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2021 awards categories (Formal entry)

Here is some background on each of the formal entry Award Categories for the 2021 SAGEA Awards.

“Digital” refers to all digital elements of your graduate marketing campaign. These are generally accessible by all members of the public, but specifically used to target and attract graduate candidates. These can include, but are not limited to, external internet sites, social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), virtual reality, email campaigns, teaser campaigns using QR codes, SMS links, etc.

  • All content must be current or have been used as part of your graduate campaign in the past 12 months.
  • There will be separate awards (gold, silver and bronze) for companies recruiting up to 15 graduates and those recruiting 15 or more graduates.
  • Our closing date for entries is XX.
  • Only one submission per entrant will be accepted. PDF submissions are limited to a maximum of 10 pages per category and an ideal file size not exceeding 8MB. You will need to include a copy / link for each digital element used in your campaign. You must, of course, decide what exactly you wish to include.
  • If your company ran more than one campaign, you will need to submit separate entries for each. We do, however, recognise that social media campaigns are often linked (e.g. using Facebook to drive traffic to your company website).
  • Please note that submission is restricted to full SAGEA members only. Submissions from Agencies or Affiliate SAGEA members will not be accepted.
How to Submit an Entry

We will be combining employer and candidate votes for this Award. Candidates will have cast their votes for “best online media” as part of the SAGEA Candidate Insights research conducted earlier in 2021 and any votes received will be added (using a pre-determined formula) to votes received from Employers.  Candidate votes will not count if an employer does not submit an award entry in this category.  Entrants will need to upload graphics / links to their digital marketing material.  All SAGEA members will be able to access Employer submissions and vote accordingly from XX.

Key Judging Criteria
  • Concept and strategic approach – how does your digital strategy support your overall recruitment strategy and objectives?
  • Innovation and creativity – is the material creative and unique in its approach to digital marketing? Is / Are the use of channel/s innovative? Is the design in line with the company’s employer value proposition?
  • Relevance – is there a strategy behind the idea? How much research and investigation has been carried out in the identification of the channel as appropriate for the target audience?
  • Choice of media – have you chosen the right media platform to develop your campaign to your target audience?
  • Usability of the website / social media links – ease of navigation, effectiveness of search functionality, are sections and pages linked logically, are headings clear?
  • Visual design – overall appeal, first impression, layout, use of colour and consistency of look and feel
  • Content – use of language, message portrayed, relevance, verbosity, and detail. Does the content apply to candidates’ personal experiences?
  • Multimedia – use of demonstrations, promotional videos, podcasts, or interactive tours. Are they relevant, meaningful and engaging? Do they promote the stickiness of your campaign?
  • Campaign integration – if your website is a component of a greater campaign, does it tie in with the other media elements of the recruitment programme?
  • Engagement – how engaging is the campaign and how effectively does it allow for two-way communication?

Entrants will be divided into two categories:

  • Organizations recruiting up to 15 graduates, and
  • Organizations recruiting 15 or more graduates

The winners and runners up in each category will be identified and will receive an award (gold, silver or bronze) depending on their placing.

How to Create a multi-page PDF document

For the SAGEA awards entries members need to submit one PDF presentation file per category they are entering. We can provide assistance in reducing the MB size, if necessary. Below are some guidelines and resources to assist with creating a PDF document for submission.