Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I am a student and want to connect with potential employers to find out about bursaries, vacation employment and graduate opportunities?  How can SAGEA assist me?

Answer: SAGEA works primarily with graduate employers, the university careers services, foundations and service providers to those involved in graduate recruitment and development.  Whilst we are not directly involved in recruiting graduates, we do assist our stakeholders to understand trends and best practice in graduate recruitment.

However, we run two separate platforms that are targeted at assisting students and graduates with finding the kind of opportunities you have asked about. provides information about South Africa’s top graduate employers as well as the opportunities they offer.

A second website,  provides insight into new career opportunities for people studying maths, statistics, physics, economics, engineering or data science.


Question:  My organisation does not employ graduates or run a graduate program, but we are considering introducing a small programme in the future.  How would we benefit from joining SAGEA?

Answer: You’ve come to the right place!  We work with over 100 organisations who run graduate programmes, ranging from small to large graduate intakes.  We can introduce you to all the tools and contacts you need to get your programme off the ground – ensuring that you don’t reinvent the wheel, that you know what good looks like and introducing you to the network you will need to make your programme a success.


My organisation has access to internal and international benchmarks to evaluate best HR practice.  What do the SAGEA benchmarks measure and why would these be beneficial to us over and above other benchmarks?

Answer: In today’s world of big data, there is a great deal of information available and it is not easy to discern which information to use.  International and internal benchmarks are important – but so are local benchmarks that provide insight into the unique South African graduate recruitment market.  SAGEA has gathered data from both Employers and Candidates for over ten years, giving us an unparalleled depth of knowledge and understanding of graduate recruitment and development in South Africa.


Question: If I join SAGEA, what month do I need to join in?

Answer: You can join SAGEA at any time during the year.  We sign you up with a 12-month subscription which becomes renewable on the anniversary date of your joining.


Question: I am interested in joining SAGEA but will need to justify the cost vs benefits when I request funding.  How do I best persuade my boss/finance to approve the cost?

Answer: There are many benefits to joining SAGEA and these are outlined on our website, depending on the type of membership you choose.  The testimonials from our members are also quite persuasive!  In a nutshell, however, membership of SAGEA affords you instant access to a community of sharing and best practice in the area of young talent recruitment and development.  As we were recently told, “SAGEA is better than Google for graduate recruitment queries”!  If we do not have the answers or know-how to resolve a member’s issue, we certainly know where to find the answers and can do so quickly!  We will ensure that you save time, that you know where to find the best resources to support you in your role and that you are well-informed on trends, best practice and developments in the young talent space.


Question: As a service provider, why would I want to join SAGEA?

Answer: If your business provides services that are relevant to graduate recruiters or employers who develop young talent, membership of SAGEA is relevant to you.  Examples of relevant service providers are those involved in Employer Branding, Brand Management, Digital Strategy or Marketing, Graduate Recruitment Advertising, Research, Application Systems, Campus Activations, Bursary Management, Graduate or Young Talent Development, Assessments, Leadership Development, Coaching, Succession Planning, Response Handling, Video Interviewing, Attraction, Retention, Work Readiness, Diversity and Inclusion, Mentoring, Career Management, Talent Acquisition, Wellbeing, Remuneration and Reward or On Boarding.

Being part of our community will provide you with opportunities to share your insights and expertise with our members – though we do not advocate for any form of hard-selling!  There are many service providers who are at the forefront of their speciality and we are open to learning from and networking with them!

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