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To support our members in their efforts to promote qualifications and careers to a wide student audience, SAGEA has developed several student-facing platforms. Our members receive free or discounted access to these platforms as part of their membership package.

When the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly made face-to-face career fairs impossible, SAGEA developed the VirtualGradExpo to help our Employer members reach graduates virtually. At the same time, we wanted to provide our Higher Education (HE) members with platforms to support their career services’ physical and digital offerings, as needed. Post-pandemic, the VirtualGradExpo has become an integral part of the mix that our members use to connect with students.

Many of our HE members have excellent digital platforms of their own, and face-to-face engagements on campus remain critical elements of successful graduate recruitment campaigns. However, digital transformation is an ongoing project for many HE institutions. In addition, the geographical location of some campuses makes them difficult for employers to visit with the time and resources available to them. Because it is imperative to ensure inclusion for all students, we continue to offer this solution to our partner institutions and corporate members.

In our student evaluation survey, conducted after the 2022 VirtualGradExpo was completed, 80% of students who attended indicated that the ability to view and apply to employer opportunities from a single location was very useful to them. At the time of the survey, 65% of students who attended had applied to employer opportunities, and 61% had been offered either a graduate opportunity, an internship or a bursary.

The VirtualGradExpo consists of three pavilions:

  • General – for employers hiring graduates across all degree areas
  • STEM – for employers hiring science, technology, engineering and maths graduates
  • Accounting and law – for employers hiring graduates to join the accounting and legal fraternities

Member Benefit: SAGEA Employer and HE members get 20% off the cost of their VirtualGradExpo stands.

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