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QNE August 2020 Virtual Assessments

e-Assessment Centre Process Flow

How do we translate a face to face group process into an online experience without losing the capacity to observe behavioural nuances? This case study was presented by Joint Prosperity and Standard Bank at SAGEA’s QNE in August 2020. If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here. (You will be asked to register …

Aerial view of woman using a computer laptop on a marble table with design space SAGEA QNE Webinar Photo by rawpixel from Burst

SAGEA QNE: Virtual Assessments


In the past few weeks, we have heard and seen many ways that various digital platforms have been used to enable collaboration both internally and externally within various organisations. Over the past month, the Young Talent Team at Standard Bank, together with Joint Prosperity, have run two virtual assessment centres using the Microsoft Teams platform …

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Abdullah disruption amplified INEUCS Webinar

INEUCS Webinar: Disruption Amplified with Abdullah Verachia


Abdullah Verachia is a Global Strategist, Disruptor, Business School Faculty Member, and International Speaker. Don’t miss this opportunity to take an inspiring and thought-provoking journey into the future addressing: What does the rest of 2020 have in store? What mega-shifts can we expect in the future? How will the next 10 years be impacted by …

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QYF QNE presentation cover image #quantifyyourfuture


South Africa is producing an inadequate number of graduates in science,maths, engineering and technology. SAGEA’s online project – Quantify Your Future – focuses on educating young people about new and emerging careers in STEM. This presentation was given at SAGEA’s QNE in February 2020 to outline the challenge, and share Quantify Your Future’s achievements to …

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