2024 – What to Expect

Wow!  We are already 1/12th of the way through 2024 – time sure does fly.  As we get stuck into 2024, what should we expect and how will SAGEA support you through the year?

Whilst we don’t have a glass ball that gives us an accurate view of the future, some trends we expect for 2024 are:

  • Continued emphasis on meeting and engaging with students where they are and in person. 
  • We hope to see graduate opportunities remaining stable in the next 18-24 months as employers continue to reap the benefits of early talent pipelining.  Economic uncertainty isn’t going away as global turmoil is a real threat, coupled with our pending election.  We are hoping neither will negatively impact graduate programmes.
  • 2023 saw a great deal of noise around AI and ChatGPT.  2024 will, in our view, see employers embracing the benefits of both and incorporating them as part of selection and assessment processes.
  • The impact of technology and AI on the delivery phase and customization of learning and development initiatives is likely to continue.
  • Global trends are indicating that candidates are beginning to shift their priorities from work life balance to wellbeing and fulfilment.  The differences here are subtle, but they are different!
  • Similarly, there is likely to be more debate around the shift in hiring for skills versus qualifications. Whilst our market is not yet ready to make the shift, we hope to see more robust engagement between business and higher education as to how we can better equip graduates with knowledge and skills.

SAGEA is ready for 2024!

Our Graduate Attributes Webinars are designed to provide a deep dive into defining and understanding the skills and attributes we look for in graduates.  The first attribute we will be unpacking in 2024 is Financial Literacy.

This year we will separate the timing of our Employer Benchmark and Candidate Insights projects to encourage greater participation and focus.  We will also refresh our Bursary and Scholarship Insights and, watch this space, we are exploring new research opportunities with the SAGEA Board!

Quarterly Networking Events will take place throughout the year, and we want to experiment with a new format, hosting events over lunch with more networking time.

We will, together with colleagues, explore opportunities for better support and engagement with Careers Services to enable even more constructive and productive working partnerships with employers.

Graduate Development Masterclass – we are working behind the scenes to re-launch this series in the second half of 2024.

SAGEA Development Conference – you have asked, and we will deliver!  Our November Development Conference will take on a slightly different format with still more time for networking. 

So, make sure you don’t miss out!  Consult our SAVE THE DATE document NOW and block off our events in your diary!