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Award Entry NameEnhancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through Young Talent
Brief Description of Award EntryIn a recent survey of more than 20,000 graduates, Bain & Company uncovered that graduates value “Connectedness / Inclusiveness” more than traditional factors such as company prestige. While already a global leader in championing DE&I efforts, Bain & Company’s local strategy in South Africa was refreshed in Q2 2023 in line with our overarching goal of being the first choice for top consulting talent in Africa, while actively driving transformation towards a demographically representative and diverse company.

Bain & Company is dedicated to addressing concerns of graduates and employees alike. We are committed to creating a workplace that not only embraces diversity and inclusion, but that celebrates it and embodies it. We are proud of our wide range of 30+ sub-initiatives related to DE&I in our South African office (many of which have been refreshed / introduced as recently as a few months ago).

Tangible actions have been taken to foster a better work environment for Black & female employees, as well as members of the LGBTQ community, to ensure everyone has the same platform to thrive at Bain (e.g., the “Consultant in Training” programme, specially tailored recruiting efforts, affinity groups, partnerships with local NGOs, etc.). The results speak for themselves, with the proportion of Black employees in our Johannesburg office increasing by 44% since 2019, with more than 50% female representation today.
Through our uniquely tailored programme, we are privileged to be at the forefront of setting new standards of DE&I excellence in our industry.

Submitter NameKgaogelo Masemene
Submitter Emailkgaogelo.masemene@bain.com