Kate Daubney: Careers & Employability

Solution Provider Name:Kate Daubney: Careers & Employability
Website Address:www.katedaubneycareers.com
About: I am an experienced higher education educator and careers and employability professional, qualified in teaching and learning, digital education and careers guidance. I have worked in the UK for over 30 years in higher education and pre-18 education, and have an international network across higher education and sector suppliers in the USA and Australasia, as well as in Europe and now building new relationships in South Africa. I specialise in education strategy, careers and employability strategy, professional development journeys, skills and curriculum, learning design, leadership development, inclusive curriculum design, and experiential learning, and I offer consultancy services across all these areas. All these areas include how universities can interact with employers on recruitment and on curriculum partnership, and also how young people’s learning and development takes place.
Clients you recently worked with:Practera (www.practera.com)
University of Cape Town careers service
University of Newcastle, UK – research into curriculum and skills
University of East London – regional teaching-led university  
Category:Graduate Recruitment Research, Grad or Young Talent Development, Assessment Consulting, Leadership Development, Coaching, Work Readiness, Career Management, Strategy Development
Keyword Searches:Learning strategy, development strategy, careers, employability, education, higher education, learning design.
Key Contact:Kate Daubney
Telephone Number:+44 7932 658911
Email Address:Careersemployabilitystrategy@gmail.com
Location:United Kingdom and remote working with South Africa