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AboutThe Moshal Program supports over 900 highly-motivated and tenacious students to access and complete their university education, so that they will get good, well-paid jobs and improve their financial situation, that of their families and hopefully that of their communities one day. Scholarship recipients become beacons of hope to the other young people in their community, inspiring them to work harder and aim for the top. The Moshal Program operates in South Africa, Israel and the Ukraine. We offer generous scholarships to students in a select range of subjects for the duration of their degrees including: Engineering; IT and Computer Science; Medicine and Health Sciences; Natural Sciences; Economics; Law and Business. The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks and we provide a living allowance for students who fulfil our criteria for the duration of their university studies. The Program provides support services that focus on academic, psycho-social support and workplace readiness that aim to nurture and promote a holistic graduate into the world of work, embedding the values of perseverance, caring, tolerance, integrity, accountability and humility.
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Partnership OfferingThere are many ways that corporates can partner with us, for example, consider our graduates for employment, provide mentors for our graduates or new alumni, create opportunities for internships or work shadowing, participate in our panels of young professionals, provide speakers and trainers, conduct a mock interview with our forthcoming graduates, let us know which degrees and faculties are best, assist us in our selection process, provide tutors for our Scholars who may need extra help and share your office space for our occasional workshops and meetings with our final year students.
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