Old Mutual #AuthorYourStory

Parent categoryAwards
Select the SAGEA Awards Category you’re enteringBest Integrated Campaign (recruiting 20 graduates or more)
Company nameOld Mutual
Award Entry NameOld Mutual #AuthorYourStory
Brief Description of Award EntryThe Gen-Z audience is focused on: writing their own story; starting new chapters and expressing their individuality. So are we — our ambition of writing Africa’s future relies on our people and the value they bring through their own stories. It is their personal commitment, skill, and desire for change that will amalgamate to further our continent. Writing Africa’s story together begins with our people authoring their own success stories. #AuthorYourStory aligns with Old Mutual’s commitment to empowering individuals and emphasises the collective effort of shaping Africa’s narrative, which is underpinned by our broader Employer Band concept of “Let’s Write Africa’s Story Together”.

Submitter NamePhindile Hlabangane
Submitter Emailphlabangane@oldmutual.com