RCL FOODS Hungry for Success

Parent categoryAwards
Select the SAGEA Awards Category you’re enteringBest Digital Campaign (recruiting up to 20 graduates)
Company nameRCL Foods
Award Entry NameRCL Foods Recipe for Success
Brief Description of Award EntryUPDATED SUBMISSION:
RCL Foods looked to go beyond just advertising their graduate program.
Their digital approach focused on using colorful creatives with their own existing graduates to start the digital application and messaging piece. Thereafter, they turned to new social channel TikTok, made use of 5 relevant student influencers and drove messaging and cool on multiple levels:
1) Application messaging; 2) Competition messaging 3) Easy engagement mechanic 4) Brand cool for a graduate program.

Submitter NameJono Dicks
Submitter EmailJono@studentvillage.co.za
User IDJono Dicks