SAGEA Student Insights 2020


Now in their 11th year, The SAGEA Annual Awards celebrate the achievements of South Africa’s graduate employers and university careers services.  The awards are decided entirely by successful job hunters and from leading graduate employers.

The awards are compiled from our annual research projects, The SAGEA Employer Benchmarking Survey and The SAGEA Candidate Insights Survey, which took place between March and May of this year.


The SAGEA Employer Benchmarking Survey 2020 was completed by 78 of South Africa’s leading graduate employers. These employers were asked to provide a rating, based on their experience recruiting from South African Universities, of the Best Career Fair they had attended, as well as the Best Careers Service with which they had interacted.

The winner of the Best Career Fair 2020 is the University of Pretoria.  The winner of the Best Careers Service, for the eleventh consecutive year, is the University of Cape Town’s Careers Service.


The hotly contested ‘Best Company Representative Award’ is based on the votes of 2,739 graduates who were successful in securing employment with some of the leading graduate employers in the country.  Candidates were asked to nominate anyone who, during their job search, had made a lasting and postive impression on them.  They were not prompted with a list of names as part of this exercise. 

The winner of the Best Company Representative for 2020 is Aisha Nakidien. Aisha is a Graduate Recruiter for PwC, based in the Western Cape. 


Each of the students who participated in The SAGEA Candidate Insights Survey 2020 made an average of five to six applications as part of their job search.  This means that they were exposed to the recruitment processes of several of South Africa’s top graduate employers. These candidates were asked to vote for the organisation that, based on their experiences, had the best recruitment process. 

The winner of the Best Recruitment Process Award for 2020 is PwC.


Student Choice Awards are based on votes cast in The SAGEA Candidate Insights Survey 2020 and are acknowledged in the following categories:

  • Best Brochure
  • Best Website
  • Best Digital Campaign
  • Best Integrated Campaign

The 2020 winners of these awards are as follows:

The Best Brochure and Best Integrated Campaign Awards go to PwC and the Best Website and Best Digital Campaign Awards go to Deloitte.

We are proud to acknowledge these awards and extend congratulations to our employer and careers services colleagues who have continued to strive for excellence in all aspects of graduate recruitment and the provision of careers services to South African students.