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AboutCareer Services provide a centre of support for UP students and graduates to assist them in preparing for their careers because “your success matters”. Career Services is a division in Student Services of the University of Pretoria. You need more than a degree The world of work has been evolving and there is an increasing demand for tertiary institutions to produce graduates who are employable in the sense that they reflect the attributes, capabilities and dispositions to work successfully. Against this background there is a renewed focus on work-readiness of UP graduates and a Ready for Work initiative has been launched to prepare graduates for the world of work by providing training for additional skills (including entrepreneurship) over and above academic competence and work experience. Self-actualising skills that students can acquire during their undergraduate studies are highly valued. This would assist UP graduates to be comfortable and confident anywhere they may find themselves.
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Partnership OfferingThe Division of Career Services provides a platform for companies to recruit University of Pretoria students. Career Services facilitates contact between the industry and students by means of career fairs, career presentations, individual exhibitions, as well as exposing students to various industries. To facilitate this process, UP Career Services provides an online platform called TuksCareers on which companies are able to register and gain access to various services rendered. Register on our TuksCareers system in order to get access to these benefits. Please follow this link to book for our services.
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