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Careers Service Website
About:Career Services at the UFS offers a range of services and resources designed to assist students develop the employability skills they need in today’s world of work.
Wherever you are in your academic career, we will help you explore your career and achieve key management skills.
We also provide services to employers to advertise, interview and recruit our talented students (for both temporary and permanent positions).
Services offered to Employers:Advertise in Digital Handbook
Advertise on Social Media Platform/s and radio station
Bursaries and/or Scholarships
Book Facilities (e.g. for interviews)
Career Fairs (in person)
Careers Expo (in person)
Virtual Career Fairs
Virtual Career Expo
Partnering with SAGEA’s VirtualGradExpo 2022
Employer Showcases
On-campus presentations
Student Webinars
Mock Interview Programme
Virtual Mock Interview Programme
CV Workshops
University Sponsorships
Work Readiness Workshops/Webinars
Email Blasts
Key Contacts:Dr. Nthabeleng Rammile
Company Relations: Senior Officer
Career Services: Student Affairs
PO Box 339, Bloemfontein 9300, Republic of South Africa
051 401 7338
Address:University of the Free State
205 Nelson Mandela Road
Bloemfontein, 9301