Cover image CAPP Assessment in Virtual Reality White paper shadow image person using VR goggles

Assessment in Virtual Reality

Author: Jamie Betts, Head of Recruitment Solutions and VR Lead, CAPP

Virtual Reality is now real. You may have heard of it before, perhaps from it’s nausea-inducing first appearance in the early nineties. Maybe you’re familiar with it because of more recent seated or mobile-phone based Virtual Reality (VR) devices.

The good news is that you can forget all of that. The technology has now finally, truly come of age. Full VR, if delivered in the right way, is convincing enough for your brain to truly believe you are there. It doesn’t matter if you consciously know you’re in a virtual world. If your subconscious accepts your fake reality, then sooner or later, it will take control.

In a global first, we at Capp have invested in research and a VR assessment platform which demonstrates the power of virtual reality for assessment. I’m excited to share our research findings in this white paper, and reveal the world’s first true VR assessment platform – the Capp VR Assessment Lab.

You’ve probably already heard that VR will change the world. That isn’t hyperbole. And if you don’t believe it, or you think it’s a gimmick, that’s understandable – but you’re wrong.

VR is going to change the world. And it’s going to change the way we can assess people.

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