Recording: Unpacking Graduate Attributes: Webinar One: ICT/Digital Literacy

As we prepare for a steady increase in roles that require analytical and interpersonal skills, our need to collaborate with thought leaders, employers and higher education is critical in ensuring that our graduates have the necessary foundational literacies, competencies to approach complex challenges, and qualities to approach the changing environment.

In the World Economic Forum New Vision for Education, reference to being able to understand written text and quantitative relationships was sufficient for entry into the workplace. Now, these skills represent just the starting point. It is critical that as we focus on developing graduates towards building 21st Century skills, we have a clear understanding of what we are trying to develop, how we measure the attributes against our needs in our respective organisations, and what our higher education colleagues are considering to infuse these into the curriculum of our students in their preparation for transition.

Speaker: Rapelang Rabana

Password: webinar1